DAI Magister helps clients transform our world, one transaction at a time,
through essential guidance, creative insights, and rigorous execution.

We offer global firms a full suite of advisory services to help them with the most complex and challenging transactions. From New York to Nairobi, we support CEOs and their investors by identifying and consummating the right relationships to help grow, scale, and manage their business. No matter the challenge or complexity of a transaction, DAI Magister’s exceptionally high success rate makes it a reality.

We are backed by DAI, one of the largest global development firms in the world.

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Our approach is best defined by our core values, against which we ask our clients to judge us and our work:



  • Synthesise and connect concepts to produce new ideas or approaches.
  • Open-minded and we think laterally to reach unique insights.
  • Present compelling thinking in a persuasive manner.


  • Challenge points of view by arguing them logically and decisively.
  • Prepared to express an opinion even if it is controversial or difficult for recipients to hear.
  • Take initiative in charting a course of action through leadership and direction.


  • Utilise collective intelligence and effort to achieve a result that is superior to the effort of one individual.
  • “Pitch in” without sense of entitlement of position.
  • Encourage others to voice their points of view and question assumptions.


  • Push through where others may give up to obtain an outstanding outcome.
  • Take ownership and accountability of projects, tasks and responsibilities.
  • Exceed expectations by being self-motivated, autonomous and self-sufficient.


  • Possess “raw horsepower”and we have the ability to learn quickly and grasp difficult or abstract concepts.
  • Apply business savvy, thoughtfulness, experience, and judgment.
  • Emotionally intelligent, with the ability to read people and understand interpersonal dynamics.


  • Treat people as we expect to be treated ourselves.
  • Maintain an open and positive environment, refraining from interrupting or in anyway denigrating people, both internally and externally.
  • Solve confrontation with peaceful discussion.