TC Magister boasts existing mandates within the climate tech space in Asia, with more climate related projects in the pipeline.

Asia stands at the forefront of many climate initiatives. Across Asia-Pacific (APAC), more than 15 countries and 670 companies have set (or are committed to setting) emission-reduction targets, thereby creating new investment opportunities in green technology, according to McKinsey. But it must not be overlooked that the region also benefits from an extensive nature-based capital asset that can play a significant role in contributing to worldwide net zero, while simultaneously preserving biodiversity and ecosystem functions.

It is our view that climate-tech investment has multiplied in a very short space of time – so much so that over the next year or two, climate-related tech investing will become the single biggest tech investment area worldwide.

DAI Magister and its partners alone have advised on over 50 transactions within the climate sector. Our landmark deals include multiple funding and M&A typically $50m-$500m in EV mobility, electronics, renewables tech, circular economy, logistics, agri-tech, space tech, and most recently we advised on the $75m fundraise for M-Kopa and advised PEG Africa on their merger with Bboxx.


Ravi Chidambaram

CEO - TC Magister

Co-Founder – TC Capital

Tommy Tan

Managing Director - TC Magister

Co-Founder and CEO – TC Capital

Masaru Shibata

Managing Director - TC Magister

Partner – TC Capital



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