The Aftershocks of Nigeria's Twitter Ban

Nigeria’s tech community was booming – now it’s in shock - The government’s sudden ban on Twitter could jeopardise one of the country’s most promising industries.

Covid is accelerating a quiet technology revolution in Africa

In this guest post Victor Basta, CEO of boutique investment bank DAI Magister and a specialist in the technology sector, argues that nearly half of Africa’s economic growth over the next ten to twenty years will be driven by a group of still relatively unknown tech companies.

2021 will see a record wave of large European tech fundraises

At DAI Magister we estimate 350 European tech companies will raise €25m-250m+ funding rounds in 2021-22, a historic high for the European ecosystem that reflects a sharp rise in Series A rounds since 2017 that has continued this year even through COVID.

Generating Shareholder Value From AI

AI is the most valuable space for investment and differentiation from the perspective of strategics in the space – however, those same strategics hold the cards by having the datasets to train and the applications to extract the true potential from AI start-ups / scale ups.

Wirecard Scandal Could Give Fintech a Bad Name

The spectacular blowup of German fintech darling Wirecard AG, which has seen $12 billion wiped off its market value in three days, is making some old-school bankers feel good about themselves.