Why did we start the DAI Magister Academy?

Based on feedback from start-ups, we identified a need to provide expertise and advice to companies that are not yet ready for our formal support, but poised for success.



The DAIM Academy is an extension of the advisory work we are already doing in the ecosystem.

As part of our ongoing investment in the African/MENA markets and climate tech ecosystem, we provide support to a few elite organisations that are growing rapidly and have the potential to raise a significant round within the next 18 months, entirely FREE OF CHARGE.

The companies that have already benefitted from this service include:

  • Tingtel
  • Future Africa
  • Mobile Power
  • Box Commerce
  • Releaf
  • Finclusion
  • Wyzetalk

What we are offering a small group of companies:

We draw on the same senior investment professionals that have worked on other Africa and climate focused deals including  Twiga, M-KOPA, CloudFactory, Baxi, d.lightCellulant, PodPoint, Qinous, DEPsys and Eliq.

The senior investment team work virtually with each company for a defined period of time, and provide customised analysis and support.


What we do:

  • Set up a 2-hour call to provide feedback to the company
  • Review the company’s equity story and positioning
  • Review the company’s financials
  • Suggest a range of (principally international) investors the company could target in its next round with rationale and suggested contact point(s)



What we are looking for:

Minimum $2m funding

The company should have raised at least $2m in revenue.

Objective for a significant target

The company should have an objective and momentum to raise a significantly larger round in the next 12-18 months

Climate Tech, Tech-enabled or renewable energy

The company is a climate tech, tech-enabled or energy service/product provider

Africa/MENA, UK/European Market

The company operates principally within the Africa/MENA and UK/European markets


Please complete the following form, giving a brief description of your business.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Thank you.


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