Africa possesses a valuable asset in its youthful and expanding population, boasting a global median age of approximately 19 years, the lowest among continents. This demographic advantage has the potential to fuel economic growth and innovation, given the dynamic and energetic nature of young populations. Strategic investments in sectors aligned with the needs and aspirations of this demographic, such as technology, education, and healthcare, can yield substantial returns.

Traditionally associated with natural resource extraction, Africa is undergoing a significant economic transformation, with many nations actively diversifying their economies. Initiatives promoting the growth of manufacturing, services, and technology sectors are gaining traction. Investors stand to benefit from this shift by engaging in industries that contribute to economic diversification, such as renewable energy, telecommunications, and information technology.

Abundant in natural resources like minerals, oil, and fertile agricultural land, Africa presents investment opportunities in sectors experiencing global demand, including mining, energy, and agriculture. Adhering to sustainable and responsible investment practices in these sectors not only promises financial returns but also fosters local community development and environmental conservation.

Despite notable progress, Africa grapples with infrastructure challenges. Investments in crucial projects such as transportation, energy, and telecommunications are vital for supporting economic growth and development. Governments and international organisations actively seek private sector involvement in these projects, creating opportunities for investors to contribute to the continent’s infrastructure development.




The rapid integration of technology across Africa is reshaping various sectors, from finance to healthcare. Popularisation of mobile payment systems, fintech innovations, and e-commerce platforms presents new investment avenues. As technology continues to drive Africa’s development, investors can explore opportunities in start-ups and established companies propelling technological advancements on the continent.

Efforts towards regional economic integration, exemplified by the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), are fostering a more cohesive and interconnected market. This integration reduces trade barriers, encourages economic cooperation, and opens up new possibilities for businesses. Investors can capitalize on the benefits of regional integration by strategically positioning themselves in sectors poised to gain from increased cross-border trade and collaboration.

Investing in Africa holds immense potential for those navigating the continent’s unique opportunities and challenges. Amid ongoing economic and social reforms, astute investors can actively participate in Africa’s growth story while contributing to sustainable development. However, a nuanced approach is essential, involving a deep understanding of local contexts, engagement in responsible business practices, and collaborative efforts with local communities to ensure long-term success and positive impact. When approached correctly, investing in Africa becomes a rewarding venture, generating not only financial returns but also contributing to the continent’s inclusive and sustainable development.



  • Over 50 years of combined experience
  • Track record of successful capital raising and M&A transactions
  • Multiple $30-100m + capital raises
  • Deep understanding of fintech, tech-enabled commerce, climate tech and communications tech
  • Landmark M&A and capital raises in Africa and Fintech through the cycle including CellulantM-KOPA and Equator Energy
  • Strong relationships with various investors from Global VC, Africa VC/PE and Middle Eastern Capital
  • Understand key sensitivities and requirements in challenging environment
  • Rigour of Analytics
  • Creditable execution roadmap
  • Experience of working with multi-cultural teams


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