It has been belatedly reported that Apple acquired Acunu for its big data analytics technology.

One of the major themes we have pursued at Magister is big data infrastructure and analytics. Needless to say, despite the number of companies positioned as ‘big data’, actual leaders in the space are few and far between, all the more so in Europe.

However, Acunu stood out: recognised leadership (#2 in the world for Cassandra commercialisation), world-class technologists and pedigree (with a plethora of PhDs from top computer science universities), and deep technical insights to solve hard problems in an important technology.

Of course, special companies require a special approach, and in this case the approach was pizza. For an investment bank we are unusually focused on underlying technology and connected with Acunu founder Tim Moreton at a London Big Data Meetup where he was explaining a novel approach to real-time analytics on Cassandra. The pizza was o.k. – the technology exceptional.

Following our successes with other ‘deep technology’ exits we were confident that, despite the commercial challenges of scaling such a company in Europe, the company would become strategic in a short period of time.

Needless to say, we are very happy to have been proven right.

Congratulations to the full Acunu team and investors.

Posted by Victor Basta @MaExits

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