After 5 years, 18 successful deals and $2B+ of value generated, Magister is evolving into two separate entities.

Jeremy Millar, currently a founding partner at Magister, will build on 15+ years of experience in emerging technology and investment banking to concentrate on bitcoin and block-chain related transactions. He recently drove the world-leading review of the block-chain industry, and is now a recognized authority internationally on the subject. His focus will be on advising key players in the block-chain ecosystem, including leading companies, investors and financial institutions. Jeremy will do this through building and leading his new entity, Ledger Partners LLP, which will remain an affiliate of Magister.

Magister will continue its work with later stage growth companies, but now consciously extend that work to include structured exit preparation as well as exit execution. Victor Basta will continue to lead Magister, and build on his M&A careers leading Broadview and Arma Partners, as well as his exit venture partner role with DFJ Esprit (now Draper Esprit) helping them drive 12 portfolio exits in 2.5 years. It is our view that combining exit preparation with high quality execution can achieve exceptional outcomes especially as the exit environment becomes less predictable and more volatile in coming years.

Of course for current clients of the firm, nothing whatsoever changes. We will continue to do the quality of work which has earned us our track record so far, and aim to deliver on our firm’s core values to every client and prospect we are engaged with.

Posted by Victor Basta @MaExits

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