What if Entrepreneurs Ran Europe?

More entrepreneurs than ever are choosing to compete from Europe. 10 years ago most founders building international tech businesses would automatically move to the US.

Why Does Market-Tech Need To Consolidate?

Ad-tech or market-tech; call it what you will; the programmatic advertising and targeting industry has become a hugely complicated morass of 4,000 products, many with overlapping functionality and unclear benefits for end customers.

VCs Are Failing To ‘Buy Low, Sell High’

Venture capital investors across the US and Europe are failing to take full advantage of high-value “exit windows,” according to Magister’s 15-year analysis of VC and private equity (PE) exit activity. Our analysis suggests VCs are significantly better at investing than exiting.

The Connected Car Market has “Arrived”

GM just paid $1B+ to acquire 40-person self-driving technology vendor Cruise Automation; last year Continental AG paid $700m for Elektrobit’s automotive software business unit (full disclosure: Magister has advised Elektrobit).

Magister Update

After 5 years, 18 successful deals and $2B+ of value generated, Magister is evolving into two separate entities.