Berlin Not London Will Become Europe’s Silicon Valley

London has been the undisputed European technology centre. Until now. Our view is Berlin will rapidly begin to take over, and in 10-15 years we will see the Berlin cluster as Europe’s technology hot-bed.

Why the hung parliament isn’t a big deal for UK tech

Confusion reigns about the impact a hung parliament will have on business confidence and, of course, whether the nation’s plans for Brexit will change. Naturally, this concern is magnified for sectors driving UK economic growth, with the tech and financial sectors foremost among them.

Should VC’s Invest In Fin-tech? The Case For “No”

Since 2011, $60B of VC investment has gone into fin-tech globally. That’s 7,000 funding rounds, a staggering collective commitment by the venture industry to the future disruption of banking, trading and payments.

You have to go big to serve small: M&A accelerates in the gig economy

In recent weeks on both sides of the Atlantic ‘gig economy’ companies have consolidated at an accelerating pace. IAC has led the wave, acquiring Angie’s List after two years of courtship for $500m, after buying a smaller UK business only a few weeks before.

Is this the end of venture capital as we know it?

We are in a perverse moment in the global venture capital industry: VCs are fast coming to resemble private hedge funds, and the more money they are able to raise, the worse-off startups are becoming. Capital is flowing into funds of all types, yet the rate of investment is shrinking rapidly.

Are Chinese investors the best or worst thing ever for the tech sector?

The recent bankruptcy of online auction house Auctionata Paddle8 and the very public failure of the UK’s ‘challenger’ Tandem Bank to close its Chinese-investor round share one trait: both were affected by Chinese investors who failed to fund at the last minute.

Power management is the most valuable tech segment no one is talking about

Power management should be viewed as one of the largest single segments in the global IT industry, and a major source of future ‘unicorns’ (companies worth $1B+). We see the power sector being broken into two categories: those addressing the mobile device/network segment, and general power technologies for other applications.