What happens when fintech valuations come back down to Earth?

In this guest post Victor Basta, managing director of boutique investment bank Magister Advisors and a specialist in the technology sector, argues that we'll see fintech valuations fall steeply across the board this year.

Tech investors include #MeToo clauses in start-up deals

Tech investors are increasingly including “#MeToo” clauses in deals with start-ups, forcing entrepreneurs to disclose complaints about sexual harassment in the workplace, as more women speak out about sexism in the industry.

Venture Activity Comes to (Unicorn) Point in 2017, and Top 10 Deals

A record number of unicorn financings—venture-backed companies valued at $1 billion or more—helped drive U.S. venture funding to a total of $84.2 billion in 8,035 companies (through 8,076 deals) in 2017, according to Venture Monitor data.

Digital banking: a tough way to make money

It’s been a busy period for the UK’s fledgling digital banks. Since January, eight UK digital banks have collectively raised $600m and two challenger banks were acquired for $2B+.

To be 'hugely successful,' study failures

Business coaching and success podcasts are a huge global industry. American coaches collect $1B+; no wonder 3x as many coach today as 10 years ago. And the number of 'how to succeed in business' podcasts are too many to count.