DAI Magister was privileged to advise the leading high-performance computing (HPC) software provider for enterprises, Bright Computing, on its sale to the leading semiconductor and accelerated computing company, NVIDIA.

With customers such as NASA, Tesla, Boeing, and Pfizer, Bright Computing is renowned for its cluster management software, used to automate the process of building and managing high-performance Linux clusters that host HPC, analytics applications and machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI). Used in data centers around the world for a wide variety of applications including accelerating drug discovery, simulating space exploration and training autonomous vehicles, their technology enables simplicity and flexibility to users to deploy complete clusters of servers and manage them reliably from edge to core (on-premise) to cloud (hybrid, public and multi-cloud vendors).

The leader in the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) market, NVIDIA also operates in the compute and networking segment, which includes data center platforms and systems for (AI), high-performance computing, accelerated computing and much more.

The partnership between NVIDIA and Bright has been developing over several years with, most recently, NVIDIA including Bright Cluster Manager on its DGX-Ready software program, an enterprise-grade MLOps solution that accelerates AI workflows and improves deployment, accessibility and utilisation of AI infrastructure.

Supporting mixed environments such as mixed processing elements, architectures and operating systems, Bright Cluster Manager helps to manage the entire cluster, streamlining the end-to-end process and accelerating HPC projects, allowing enterprises to adapt and scale more easily and quickly and ultimately drive business agility and growth.

The further integration of their solutions will not only allow Bright’s software to be accessible to more markets but to further enhance NVIDIA’s DGX and data center businesses. More importantly, the expertise and capabilities of both parties will make it easier to build, operate and deploy clusters of DGX servers as organisations scale-out their AI operations.

DAI Magister is delighted to have advised Bright Computing on this transaction which is a natural progression in their ongoing strategy to empower industry-leading organisations to manage their HPC and AI workloads with speed and simplicity and to focus on innovation rather than managing heterogenous infrastructure environments. It follows other transactions advised by DAI Magister in ML/AI, including CloudFactory’s equity raise led by FTV Capital and the acquisition of Acunu by Apple, and builds on DAI Magister’s track record in Deep Tech.

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