We are pleased to announce our new partnership with TC Capital, an established investment bank in Asia, to create a new advisory arm in Asia entirely focused on climate and climate tech related projects.

Under the terms of the partnership ‘TC Magister’ will be created, a pure-play sustainability and climate tech focused advisory service covering Asia, based out of Singapore.

With existing mandates within the climate tech space and more climate related projects in the pipeline, TC Capital itself was established to provide emerging, high-growth and mid cap tech companies and private equity funds in emerging and established Asia markets with the same quality investment banking services offered to large companies.

TC Magister will be chaired by Marc Deschamps, Co-head at DAI Magister, whilst Ravi Chidambaram, the Co-Founder and President of TC Capital, will serve as CEO, with the objective to create a world-class advisory board for the future.

Marc Deschamps, Chairman, TC Magister, stated: “Asia stands at the forefront of many climate initiatives. Across Asia-Pacific (APAC), more than 15 countries and 670 companies have set (or are committed to setting) emission-reduction targets, thereby creating new investment opportunities in green technology, according to McKinsey. But it must not be overlooked that the region also benefits from an extensive nature-based capital asset that can play a significant role in contributing to worldwide net zero, while simultaneously preserving biodiversity and ecosystem functions.

“It is our view that climate-tech investment has multiplied in a very short space of time – so much so that over the next year or two, climate-related tech investing will become the single biggest tech investment area worldwide.”

Ravi Chidambaram, CEO, TC Magister, added: “With the United Nations promoting its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), many in Southeast Asia are now actively engaging and we are seeing a huge rise in climate tech start-ups. Investment in the climate tech sector is on the rise, as venture capitalists, angel investors, and government-backed environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) programmes evaluate sustainability and eco-credentials when considering funding.

“We are delighted to have joined forces with DAI Magister to launch this new initiative – TC Magister – bringing as it does the skills and knowledge of our two businesses together to offer a bespoke funding vehicle throughout Southeast Asia and beyond.”

The senior management team at TC Magister will also include Dr Tommy Tan, the Co-Founder and CEO of TC Capital and Masaru Shibata, the current MD of TC Capital.

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