Brexit Has Killed the London Tech IPO

Taking a successful tech company public on a London stock market has always been harder than onto NASDAQ. The market is much smaller, and the level of tech knowledge amongst bankers and analysts far less deep than US peers.

AI M&A, funding reach new highs but the peak is yet to come

AI M&A, Funding Reach New Highs But The Peak Is Yet To Come. We believe AI will shortly cease to exist as a segment, shifting M&A activity from current ‘capability buys’ to much higher value ‘platform buys’

The Hottest Sector For Late Stage 'Tech'​ Investing In Europe?

Europe is much further behind the US in late stage tech investing than it appears. Late stage tech funding is far behind the US, and surprisingly over ⅓ of funding rounds in Europe target non-tech e-commerce or marketplace businesses.

Look East Not West

European tech can benefit hugely from Asian investors refocusing away from the US. We think 2017 will be a watershed year for Asian investment into European tech.

Perversely we think the most active ‘European’ destination will be the UK.

Magister Advisors year end tech M&A analysis

European technology has come of age in 2016, according to M&A advisory firm Magister Advisors’ annual review of the European technology M&A and investment landscape. Total M&A deal value has more than doubled in Europe in the last 12 months to $127.2BN.